Chamong Organic Lemon Green Regular Tea Bag Combo ( 25 X 4 Box = 100 Tea Bags)



Now enjoy Chamong Green Tea with a twist of lemon. This exclusive blend of tea soothes your nerves while enlivening you with the fresh flavor of lemon. So stay sharp and in shape, by choosing a pack of Chamong Lemon Green Tea. 

Brought to you by a family that has been passionate about growing the finest Darjeeling and Assam Teas ever since 1916. Promising the finest brew in every cup.

Packaging: The new pack of Chamong Lemon Green Tea Bag is sleek, easily slipping into your briefcase or hand bag. So make it your health statement. Pour yourself a cup of steaming hot water, steep a Chamong Lemon Green Tea bag, and rev up.

While the tea is 100% organic, the packaging materials are also every bit eco-friendly, in keeping with the Company’s environment policy.


How to prepare ?
Steeping 2 mins in freshly boiled water 150 ml
How does it taste ?
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What are the Condiments ?
Condiments Goes with Lemon, sugar & honey
Other Information
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