Chamong Organic Assam Aura Envelope Tea Bag ( 25 X 1 Box = 25 Tea Bags )

  • Brand: Chamong
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Assam tea is well known all over for its rich and strong taste. This particular variety from Chamong retains the gorgeousness and yet is not overpowering. Perfect as your morning cup, its perky blend wakes you up gently. The bright colour and smooth aroma is sure to capture your senses.  So start your day in a cheerful mood with the new Assam Aura Tea.

Brought to you by the Lohia family- where growing the finest Darjeeling and Assam Teas has been a passion since 1916. Nurturing 13 estates in Darjeeling and 5 in Assam, Chamong today is the largest producer of Organic Tea in India- promising the finest brew in every cup!

Packaging: The gorgeously elegant carton holds individually packed 25 staple free enveloped tea bags - promising complete safety and hygiene – with the unique experience of Chamong Assam Aura Tea.


How to prepare ?
Steeping 2 mins in freshly boiled water 150 ml
How does it taste ?
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What are the Condiments ?
Condiments Goes with Lemon, sugar & honey
Other Information
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